When it comes to Christmas decor, the bathroom is one of the most overlooked areas of the home – yet one frequently used by guests. By now you probably already have your home decorated for Christmas, so why not take what’s left and ‘spruce’ up the bathroom with some seasonal accessories? Here are our top 12 ideas to bring Christmas cheer to the whole house.

1. Wreaths

A living wreath is a simple and practical way to add festive charm to any room. A classic cedar or evergreen wreath is an ideal choice for the bathroom. Alternatively, there are various creative takes on the traditional wreath that use ingredients like lavender, dried oranges and black viburnum berries.

Image: 100 Layer Cake

2. Candles 

The quickest way to bring that cosy hygge feeling into your home is light a candle. Scented Christmas candles come in all sorts of flavours, from apple and cinnamon to wood fire and gingerbread. Arrange them on bathroom shelves or around the bathtub with pine cones, baubles or evergreen sprigs. 

3. Ornaments

Who says you can’t hang ornaments in the bathroom? Most of us have a surplus of beads and baubles leftover from previous years; hang them along the shower curtain or arrange them in glass vases and flutes. Stick to one or two colours for a more cohesive look.

4. Greenery 

Decorating with houseplants in another great way to liven up the festive feeling in your bathroom. Holly, ivy, mistletoe and poinsettia are all plants associated with Christmas – you could also use pine cones, holly berries and spruce, pine or cedar branches to adorn mirrors and picture frames. 

Image: Homerissa

5. Stars

Stars are an undisputed symbol of Christmas and their simplicity makes them less gaudy than some of the flashier decorations. Hang an oversized star on the wall, find stars made from natural wood or make your own origami star garland. Clay and ceramic decorations are ideal for the bathroom, as they are non-porous.

6. Potpourri

Seasonal potpourri will have your bathroom smelling like Christmas with very little effort. Buy some ready-made or make it yourself with ingredients like orange, cranberries and cinnamon. Pop it in a jar or bowl and let the delicious scent waft through the whole house. 

7. Wall art 

Mix up your bathroom decor this Christmas with some festive artwork. This is a busy time of year for artists selling their work and there’s plenty to be had at Christmas markets and on Etsy. If you have a decent printer, you could even try printables, which are cheaper. 

Image: Ollie + Hank

8. Accent colours

Here’s a pretty simple idea: if you normally use white towels, why not switch to red or green for December? Likewise, a touch of greenery, a red candle or some gold ribbon may be all you need to achieve a subtle festive look.

9. Bunting

While traditionally associated with the summer months, there is no rule to say bunting can’t look good all year round. Find all kinds of handmade Christmas bunting on Etsy, from traditional cotton bunting in festive styles and colours to felt ball garlands and hessian burlap. 

10. Vintage decor

Christmas is the perfect time of year to bring your vintage items to life. In this example, a vintage wooden toboggan makes for an unusual storage feature. Get creative with whatever you have to hand or visit your local flea market or reclamation yard to find something new (or old).

Image: Funky Junk Interiors

11. Novelty shower curtains

It’s not for everybody, but if you feel like going all out, switch up your shower curtain for something more seasonal. It’ll certainly be a talking point! There are hundreds of options, from the understated to the downright vulgar.

12. Bath toys

Got kids? Bathtime can be Christmassy too! Swap your rubber duck for a rubber reindeer and a squeaky Santa. What about a Christmas bath bomb that makes the water sparkle? Let’s be honest, it’s really more for you than them.

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