Looking for fresh ideas to inspire your dream kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of the modern home – a place where form, function and technology come together. Kitchen design is evolving to make day-to-day life more efficient and communal while incorporating a unique and personalised aesthetic. 

With original design ideas on display in kitchen showrooms across the country, there are plenty of fresh styles and cutting-edge appliances to choose from. Read on to discover our top 15 luxury features to consider for your contemporary kitchen remodel.  

Stylish Contemporary Kitchen

Organic elements  

Natural and organic elements bring a sense of calm and peace, creating a welcoming space. It’s all about choosing natural materials that resonate with your personal style. There’s no shortage of choice: wood, stone, brick, clay, bamboo, porcelain and metal are all popular materials in modern kitchens. 

An appreciation for natural materials has long been ingrained in Scandinavian design, promoting wellbeing and hygge – as well as making the most of natural light.

Open shelving 

Perfectly organised open shelving introduces a light and airy feel that gives the illusion of more space. Ideal for smaller kitchens, open shelving means everything is on hand when you need it. The key is to be thoughtful about what you place on the shelves, so they don’t become overloaded. If you opt for open shelving, keep the essentials on display and store less-used items in your cabinets.

Column refrigerators

Column refrigeration offers a level of customisation that can be hard to achieve with traditional refrigerators. ‘Column’ refers to any full-size, single-purpose unit that is built into a wall, which you can always pair with a second column, such as a freezer, for a built-in side-by-side look. 

rose quartz countertop

Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops have become increasingly popular with homeowners, being extremely strong, long-lasting and antimicrobial. Quartz countertops can turn a respectable kitchen into a spectacular one, for a lower cost than granite or marble. Made from a blend of stone and resin, the finish is glossy, rock-hard and non-porous. 

Smart kitchens

As with everything else in life, technology has entered the kitchen in full force. But it goes beyond gadgets – today you can integrate technology into almost everything, from appliances to lighting. For example, there are smart refrigerators are coming out that alert you when certain groceries are running low. Increasingly, kitchens are being built smart from the ground up, and for those with older kitchens, there are various devices that can be added on for extra convenience and enjoyment. 

Bespoke larder

If you’re thinking of remodelling your kitchen, a bespoke pantry is one of the biggest upcoming trends for the modern kitchen, offering plentiful storage and easily accessible ingredients. Rather than an afterthought, freestanding larders can look classy and sophisticated, becoming a stylish focal point as well as a temperature-controlled storage space for non-refrigerated items.

kitchen pantry

Ceramic tile flooring

Ceramic flooring is the second most popular option when it comes to kitchen flooring, after hardwood. But it’s starting to get more attention thanks to the wide variety of designs and styles on offer. In fact, you can now get ceramic tiles that look just like hardwood flooring or natural stone, allowing you to get the desired look for less. Ceramic tile is flexible, durable and resilient to staining and wear, which makes it the perfect choice for high traffic areas like the kitchen. 

Custom lighting

The right lighting has the power to transform an ordinary space into something truly exceptional – as well as hiding a multitude of sins. It can make your kitchen appear bigger, compensate for poor natural light, take the strain off your eyes and disguise awkward architecture. The ideal time to install a custom lighting setup is right at the start of the planning phase, allowing the designer to factor in the size and layout of your kitchen and how much natural light there is. Pendant lights are increasingly popular to give pockets of light in key areas, like the breakfast bar, and come in a range of styles to suit the look you’re going for. 

Handleless design

Looking to combine a sleek and modern aesthetic with convenience? A handless kitchen could be the perfect solution for you, offering smooth lines and space-saving practicality. We’re beginning to see high-end appliances coming out that open with sound or pressure – a particularly convenient function if you have your hands full. 

moroccan tiles

Spanish and Moroccan tiles 

Patterned Spanish and Moroccan tiles and backsplashes add a substantial visual impact that gives an exotic feel to your kitchen decor. It’s a look that incorporates the old with the new, offering an eclectic combination of patterns, colours and textures. Spanish and Moroccan tiles are ideal for those who like multicultural design and a sense of warmth – and there are lots of retailers out there that stock them. 

Dark cabinets 

People are getting bolder when it comes to their choice of kitchen cabinets, and increasingly that means choosing richer, darker colours. Dark cabinets give a sense of dramatic elegance and luxury that is harder to achieve with other tones – it may surprise you just how well it works. Black, navy, emerald green and even plum can work beautifully to enhance your space and add contrast. 

Banquette seating

Nowadays, the kitchen is becoming a more communal space, ideal for lounging and gathering.  Hence the emerging trend for benches and banquette-style seating: a type of fixed seating often used in restaurants, pubs and bars due to its versatility. Banquette seating maximises seating capacity while providing a more comfortable place to relax, ideal for family kitchens. 

contemporary kitchen fitting oxford

Glass-faced cupboards 

A variation of the open shelving trend, kitchen cabinets with glass doors allow you to turn your shelves into displays. Among all the wood, stone and metal we see in modern kitchens, glass cabinets stand out and give a sense of openness that works particularly well in compact spaces. What’s more, glass will work with almost any theme or design – you can even opt for frosted or stained glass doors to mix things up. 

Unique sinks

Steel and ceramic sinks are just the tip of the kitchen sink iceberg: now there is an array of unique, statement options using interesting materials and fixtures. Copper, stone, wood and bamboo in a variety of shapes and styles will give your kitchen a distinctive look, not to mention the various sink and tap combinations up for consideration. Opting for something a little different will redefine the look of your kitchen and make it stand out from the crowd, whether you’re going for something sleek or vintage.  

Sustainable and locally sourced materials 

Building with sustainability in mind should be standard for the modern home, saving homeowners money as well as reducing our impact on the environment. There are a number of ways to incorporate more sustainable and locally sourced materials into your kitchen remodel, from buying wood that is locally milled to sourcing stone from your nearest quarry. 

Consider choosing locally made kitchen cabinets rather than mass-produced – you may find the products are better quality. Recycled glass and reclaimed wood, bricks and other masonry all have potential uses, particularly if you like the industrial look. What’s more, energy-efficient LED lights will reduce the amount of energy you use while saving money on your electricity bill. 

For 2019, there is a noticeable trend towards personalisation and creating functional spaces that are unique and individual. Let these ideas serve as inspiration for your next kitchen renovation, and if you’re looking for a professional kitchen design and renovation service, remember that Blenheim Bathrooms is just a phone call away