Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of upgrading your bathroom or kitchen? You probably have lots of questions. We’ve answered as many as possible below, but if you have a question not covered here, feel free to get in touch

Do you offer a guarantee?

The installation process is covered by one year’s guarantee. On top of that, anything we supply comes with its own manufacturer’s guarantee.

What hours do you work?

Our standard working hours are 8am until 5pm.

When do I pay for my installation?

The installation is paid for in stages – 40% in advance, 40% midway through the installation, and the rest on completion. All supplies must be paid for upfront.

Do I need to be there while you are working?

No. Our customers normally provide us with a key, this way we can get on with the installation while you go about your day.

How much should it cost to have a new bathroom fitted?

As you might expect, it all depends on what you are having done. The best thing to do is give us a call to discuss your budget and expectations.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

This varies depending on the scope of the project, but a typical bathroom or kitchen installation usually takes between 2-3 weeks.

Does a walk-in shower add value?

Absolutely. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most valuable rooms in the house. A walk-in shower adds wow factor that will certainly help when it comes to selling your home.

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